When her father experiences a fatal heart attack, Nicole Klaas has little choice but give up her studies at MIT and return to the North Pole to take over the family business. As a fourth generation "Claus," she knows what she has to do. But is it the right thing? Can she lead a billion-dollar global social enterprise? Or should she finish college as an engineer and pursue her true passion designing cutting edge software? 

Unfortunately, she finds herself in a race against time when she learns her family business is now the center of international intrigue and the target of an international investigation into corruption and criminal activity. 

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What happens when a Millennial takes over the North Pole?

The network operating system Nicole helped design and now funds the highly secretive, nearly invisible family-run social enterprise has drawn the attention of federal investigators into white collar crime.

Federal agents conclude the operation is a ruse for hiding a international criminal enterprise, setting up a climatic showdown over the soul of Christmas in this action adventure novel Reason magazine calls a "comic thriller" and Scholars and Rogues ​says is a "fast paced thriller that explores government overreach, technology’s role in society, and what it means to 'do good.'"  

St. Nic, Inc. is highly entertaining--"quirky, fun, and clever" according to one reviewer--with plenty of action, international intrigue, and enough soul to challenge the hardest skeptics of the Santa Claus myth. The themes, plot twists, and rich characters will prompt wide ranging discussions with friends, book clubs, and in classrooms. 

The 2nd Place winner in the Royal Palm Literary Awards category of published mainstream/literature fiction, read all the reviews here!