Coming 2018!

Calusa Spirits finds its home port in the Panther Bay series August 2018! Look for announcements about our cover reveal and launch events soon. SR Staley will also be attending the Decatur Book Festival in Georgia again over Labor Day weekend, and we expect to do our national launch there.

In Calusa Spirits, Isabella makes a big decision about her pirating career. She fights here way out of Cuban waters with Jean-Michel, Juan Carlos, and her crew, but a a desperate need for provisions takes them deep into Florida's everglades.  The pirates run into a rogue "lost" tribe of Calusa Indians and they are soon fighting for their lives! Anyone who has read Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness or seen Apocalypse Now will have some foreshadowing of the adventure that awaits them as they sail up Florida's West Coast. 

Along the way, readers will learn a little bit of the lost Calusa language, meet a ninja, and see just how entrepreneurial Isabella can be--on land and sea!

What do you do when you are confronted with unfathomable and brutal injustice? Fight back!


Isabella vows to avenge her family after a harrowing escape from the sugar plantation she called home as slave in the 1780s. Follow her and her crew as she turns the tables on her former colonial masters, plundering their merchant ships throughout the Caribbean to fund her own personal revolution for freedom.

Readers get swept up in the passion and action of this series that reviewers have called a "swashbuckling tale of piracy, action, and romance" with "plenty of zip in the action sequences" and "conspiracies and colorful characters galore".  

Results of 2016 Literary Award Competitions

Tortuga Bay has earned multiple awards, including a first place win in Historical Fiction in the Royal Palm Literary awards, two gold medals the President's Award of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association, and a 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist.

Viceroy Rodriguez orders a squadron of his best pirates hunters after Isabella and Jean-Michel, determined to rid the Caribbean of his pirate nemesis. The determined Captain Munoz chases The Pirate of Panther Bay and her crew into Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where they sit in blockade to prevent their escape.

On land, Isabella finds herself in the midst of a bubbling revolution among Port-au-Prince's free blacks in the tense years leading up to the western hemisphere's only successful slave revolt. Will she join the revolution and free her sisters and brethren? Or will she stay committed Jean-Michel and her piratical ways?

Tortuga Bay takes home 1st place in RPLA