"Staley's gritty and grippng story brings to life the kind of dilemmas today's kids can face on a daily basis. He also provides important lessons for how martial ars training can become a touchstone in finding our way through life. Bully is a dirty blight in our society and Luke's story doesn't shy away from the threats they pose to bosy and girls, and the adults in their lives. I enjoyed reading the martial arts action scenes, which are believably intense. As found of the To-Shin Do martial art, based on Japan's historical ninja defensive combat principles and techniques, I am personally excited to see A Warrior's Soul illuminate the impact of modern-day bullying, martial arts, and personal growth." ---Stephen K. Hayes, member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and Founder, To-Shin Do Martial Arts.

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Luke finds he is the target of Carson Middle School's most relentless bully and soon realizes he may be the only one who can save his friends Lucy and Chuck from their violence. A Warrior's Soul is Luke's journey as he struggles to cope with the gang, teachers who don't understand the threat, disbelieving parents, and his own lack of confidence despite yeas of martial arts training. Will he have the courage to return to the dojo and resume his training? Will he have wisdom to know when to confront Dirk and his thugs?

A Warrior's Soul is a book for our times, complete with Q&A with the author, SR Staley, and Discussion Questions for classroom use.

A Warrior's Soul

Maria soon learns her street smarts and savvy are no match for the bullies and thugs that make up her middle school's biggest gang in Renegade, a fast paced, action adventure that won 2nd Place in the Seven Hills Literary Contest. Yet, Maria finds some hope when she finds herself under the instruction of two mysterious martial arts instructors. But is too little, too late? Can the streetwise tough girl relearn everything she know about fighting and survival to keep the gangs at bay? The stakes couldn't be higher: her life, and her school, depend on making the right choice.