Tortuga Bay

​​​"Tortuga Bay is a rousing and complex pirate adventure mixed with a Romeo-and-Juliet love affair. Staley breathes life into Haiti and its history through well-rounded, multifaceted characters who tackle difficult situations in realistic ways.... Isabella is a unique and compelling character, not only because she’s a woman, but also because she’s an African slave who escaped her bonds to cherish freedom and command a ship of pirates. She endures in spite of hardships and never abandons her comrades or her beliefs."
Cindy Vallar, editor, Pirates & Privateers. Find the full review here.

“Isabella sizzles in this swashbuckling sequel to The Pirate of Panther Bay.  Her sword slices through oppressors from the first page to the last in an adventure that puts her daring and decisive stand against slavery at the center of a story that shimmers like its Caribbean setting. Unputdownable!”
Donna Meredith, award-winning author of Wet Work, The Color of Lies, and the Glass Madonna. Read the full review here.

"For those who would like their adventure and romance with a sense of social conscience, Sam Staley's Tortuga Bay will offer them a worthy read,"

James Booth, Scholars & Rogues, the full review can be found here.

“In SR Staley's sequel to The Pirate of Panther Bay, Isabella once again shows she is made of as much grit as any male pirate captain.  The action starts on page one and never lets up.  Through exhilarating battles at sea and the start of a slave revolution on land, Isabella fights for the success of her ship, safety of her crew, and survival of her lover, who happens to be a captain in the Spanish Navy -- a sworn enemy.  At the same time, she is searching for the meaning of the Prophecy given to her long ago by her now dead mother.  Staley's familiarity with ships of war and the history of the region helps readers feel they are part of the action. “

M.R. Street, award-winning author of the Werewolf's Daughter, Hunter's Moon, and Blue Rock Rescue.

"Tortuga Bay (Pirate of Panther Bay) by SR Staley is a captivating pirate story delivered with absolute excellence. The idea of a teenage girl as the fierce captain of a crew of pirates is not an easy concept to imagine, let alone bring out on paper, but SR Staley brought her to life brilliantly and made her feel natural and genuine. Isabella is a compelling character with real depth. The character development, coupled with the flawless descriptive writing style and memorable setting vividly brought this story to life. With nonstop action and thrills right from the beginning, SR Staley delivered yet another winner in the Pirate of Panther Bay series. Tortuga Bay is an exceptionally well-developed story that gives a genuine touch to the theme and puts a fresh spin on the way pirate stories are told. Lovers of the genre will find the Pirate of Panther Bay series a worthy read."

Faridah Nassozi, 5-star review, Reader's Favorite.

“If you pick up Tortuga Bay you better strap on your seat belt because you will be transported back in time to an era of pirates and ships chased by the soldiers and sailors of Spain’s Most Royal Catholic Majesty. Isabella, continuing her role as The Pirate of Panther Bay from the previous book, is an intriguing character. By casting this young woman as a pirate captain Staley launches a frontal assault on all the female stereotypes so prevalent in literature, media and the entertainment world. He has done a remarkable job of mixing pirates, Royal political intrigue and Haitian voodoo into an entertaining tale.”

Col. Michael Whitehead (ret.), author of The Lion of Babylon and Messages from Babylon

"I also love stories that are educational. I think all fiction should try to teach young people something about a different culture or a different setting in a fun and unique way. That way, they are having so much fun reading the story they don't even realize they are learning! I loved learning about Hispaniola, Tortuga, the Spanish Viceroy, and all of the mutinies and fighting and politics described within these pages. It was a beautiful story that I think kids will love and want to reread multiple times because of all of the swashbuckling, excitement, and adventure. Almost like Zorro on a ship or a Pirates of the Caribbean on the page."

Janelle Fila, 5-star review,

"Tortuga Bay: Pirate of Panther Bay Series Volume II by SR Staley is full of action. Staley has been very sparing when it came to elements other than action of this story; in the romantic encounters of Isabella or Rosa’s attraction to Juan Carlos, utmost temperance can be seen while narrating the flow of events. Whereas, when it comes to the action, the author is rather unrestrained, greatly enhancing the entertainment quotient of this book. The prevailing ambiance arising from the dreamy scenes and other unearthly elements of this story adds to its suitability for the young adult genre, which the author has in mind. This is a worthy addition to one's library, especially in the young adult genre, and I can confidently say Staley has produced a winner."

Roy T. James, 5-star review,

The Pirate of Panther Bay

​​"They say an author can't go easy on his or her main character. No one can accuse author SR Staley...of making life easy for Isabella, the title character in Staley's...adventure novel The Pirate of Panther Bay. When this teenage runaway slave finds herself the captain of a prate ship, the obstacles--and action--pile up and don't stop throughout the story."

the Tallahassee Democrat

"...SR Staley puts plenty of zip into the action sequences.... There's fine description plus conspiracies and colorful characters galore, but what I liked best was the irony of the story.... I do know Robert Louis Stevenson would have loved this book."

John Lehman,

"A swashbuckling tale of piracy, action, and romance, The Pirate of Panther Bay is a well-researched and entertaining trip into the same rum-soaked world which Disney has so recently popularized."

Christi McEntyre at

"This adventurous tale takes a circuitous journey that remains true to the real world of pirates and Spain's desire to reign over the New World."

Cindy Vallar, editor, Pirates & Privateers

"A grand high-seas adventure any teen would love; many adults as well. Non-stop action and adventure highlight the story as we learn a little history as well as become close acquaintances of Isabella and her crew."

Lettetia at

"The Pirate of Panther Bay is expertly written by S.R. Staley and is a unique book with an old theme." Ian McCurley at

Here's what readers are saying about The Pirate of Panther Bay:

"I loved the heroine in this novel. The idea of a female pirate captain intrigued me. There's plenty of action, as well as sizzling forbidden romance." -- Donna S. Meredith,

"Part adventure story, part history lesson, but 100 percent pirate. Staley has crafted a tale that will stir your emotions and your mind. Whether you're young or old, The Pirate of Panther Bay will forever change the way you think about buccaneers."-- Tim Bete, Author of Guide to Pirate Parenting, and director of the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop.

“S.R. Staley transports you back to a time when the flapping of canvas, the roar of ships' cannons, and the flash of cutlasses are seen through the smell of gunpowder and smoke. The Pirate of Panther Bay, the young Isabella, prowls the seas. She is dogged by a Spanish man-o-war commanded by a dashing young Spaniard who also commands her heart. A great adventure romance!” -- Robert Breen, Chapel Hill, NC

“The Pirate of Panther Bay is a book with a pirate heroine that reminds the reader of Anne Bonny, Cheng I Sao, and Mary Read. Isabella and the characters that surround her are very developed, and the sword fights leave you breathless. Add that to the intense love story, and you just might feel the rocking of a ship while you read!” -- Morgan F., Sarasota, Florida

“The Pirate of Panther Bay was so exciting I didn’t want to put it down. IsabellaÂ’s character is different from anything else IÂ’ve read. She’s a girl pirate who can take care of herself!”-- Carly J., Kettering, Ohio

“The writing and the storyline is tight and well developed...Staley has done a wonderful job of weaving historical elements into the story line while keeping them relevant and interesting.”-- Colleen L., New York, NY  

"The Pirate of Panther Bay is an engaging swashbuckler that leaves the reader wanting more at the end.” -- Heidy C., Bellbrook, Ohio

“The Pirate of Panther Bay is a fun and exciting adventure book that the whole family can enjoy reading. I enjoyed the suspense of being on a pirate ship.” -- Alex C., Bellbrook, Ohio.

“With each turn of the page, you are drawn in by the adventure and romance.” -- Gary S., West Milton, Ohio