SR Staley's fiction has earned top honors in Adult Historical Fiction, Young Adult Historical Fiction, Published Mainstream/Literary Fiction, New Adult/Coming of Age/Young Adult Romance as well as finalist spots in Women's Fiction.

Ninjas Unite!Follow the adventures of Luke, Maria, Lucy, and their friends as they stand up to the thugs and bullies of their middle school with their ninja skills and leadership. Read more about the action-packed Path of the Warrior middle-grade serieshere. 

Pirates! Gold, treasure, ninjas, and more in SR Staley's multiple award-winning Pirate of Panther Bay action adventure series! Follow Isabella as she captain's her pirate ship with Jean-Michel and Juan Carlos through the Caribbean Sea and up the West Coast of Florida, making ports of call in Puerto Rico, St. John, St. Croix, Haiti, Cuba, present-day Fort Myers and St. Marks. Details can be found here!

Santa Claus lives!Do you believe? You will after reading this North Pole "comic thriller," 2nd place winner in Published Mainstream/Literary Fiction in the 2015 Royal Palm Literary Awards. Nicole is in a race to keep the spirit of her great, great, great grandfather St. Nicholas alive as she defends her global social enterprise under the ice. Find out morehere