Sam “SR” Staley ( is a multiple award-winning author of 13 fiction and non-fiction books a Black Belt in the self-defense based martial art of To-Shin Do. His most recent books are Calusa Spirits, the third book in the Pirate of Panther Bay trilogy published by Southern Yellow Pine Publishing and Contemporary Film and Economics (Routledge). His fiction explores the uncomfortable realities, everyday heroism and ethical dilemmas faced by contemporary children and adults in a society that values personal freedom and choice. He explores these themes in empowerment novels such as A Warrior's Soul and Renegade that explore courage and violence in modern schools as well as adventure stories such as The Pirate of Panther Bay and Tortuga Bay. His book on college sexual assault, Unsafe On Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We Can Do About It was released on July 28, 2016 by Southern Yellow Pine Publishing. ​

Salomon the Wonder Dog

Salomon the Wonder Dog!
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Sam "SR" Staley has
  • Written 13 books, including 7 nonfictin and 6 fiction books;
  • Written more than 100 professional articles and reports
  • Written more than 100 commentaries for newspapers such as The New York times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribute, the Los Angeles Timses, and others
  • Visited 100 US cities and 43 US states
  • Traveled to China more than 30 times, as well as  Japan, UK, France, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Austria, Switzerland, and...Canada.
  • Testified before the US Senate and the US House of Representatives and dozens of state legislative committees.
  • Given more than 200 talks, including scores of keynotes at professional conferences.

Who is SR Staley?

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