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The Pirate of Panther Bay

SR Staley is supporting survivors of violence by contributing $1 per copy of The Pirate of Panther Bay sold (digital or print) to Reclaiming Lost Voices. RLV is an initiative established to give voice and support to survivors of violence. 
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The Pirate of Panther Bay is a tale of courage, betrayal and survival in the 18th century Caribbean. Isabella has "inherited" the command of a pirate brig from her lover, but she has to prove herself to her crew before she can truly lead. When she makes the fateful decision to take a Spanish army captain prisoner from a prize, her life is turned upside down. She wrestles with her own personal quest for freedom and independence while surviving brutal captivity in the infamous Puerto Rican fortress of El Moro, and fending off pirate hunters as bloodthirsty as any high-seas scallywag on the high seas.

Tortuga Bay, the
swashbuckling sequel to The Pirate of Panther Bay, is scheduled for publication by Southern Yellow Pine Publishing in 2015. Check out the details here!

Find The Pirate of Panther Bay at Southern Yellow Pine Publishing, or buy a signed copy directly from the Panther Bay Web site. The Pirate of Panther Bay is available in kindle format.

Follow SR Staley's commentary on modern pirating and the progress with the sequel (Tortuga Bay) at the Panther Bay Pirate Blog.  

Look for Tortuga Bay, the sequel to The Pirate of Panther Bay in 2013 as Isabella and Jean-Michel struggle with the strange magic of Vudu as they evade pirate hunters on the rebellious western half of Hispaniola (modern day Haiti).
The Pirate of Panther Bay. This tale of a teenage female pirate captain, an escaped slave from an 18th century sugar plantation, is acclaimed as a "swashbucking tale of piracy, action, and romance" (, "A grand high-seas adventure any teen would love; many adults as well," (, and an "adventurous tale...that remains true to the real world of pirates and Spain's desire to reign over the New World" (Cindy Vallar, Pirates & Privateers). 

Read the complete reviews at the Pirate of Panther Bay web site, http://www.pantherbay.

Check out the reader testimonials.

Discussion questions help navigate the layered plots, characters, history and ethical choices that make The Pirate of Panther Bay an excellent choice for the classroom. (See also the paginated issue matrix designed explicitly for teachers and homeschoolers.)

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