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Check out SR Staley on Empowered Living Radio discussing empowerment, school violence, bullying and new strategies for dealing with these issues. The discussion was led by empowerment coach Tori Eldridge, and you might be surprised at what you here! 

I had a great time discussing the challenges of marketing books in today's competitive publishing market at the Tallahassee Writers Association meeting on March 20, 2014. Click here to view my powerpoint

SR Staley announces two-book deal with Southern Yellow Pine Publishing!!! Check out the press release here.

How do self-defense, leadership and courage apply to your classroom?
Find out by looking at how
Renegade and A Warrior's Soul map into the Common Core middle school literacy standards here.

Keep the discussion inspired! Anti-bullying programs work best when they are implemented school-wide and involve extensive teacher and parent interaction (such as the widely heralded Olweus programs). This is an ideal environment for incorporating the stories, characters and lessons about school violence, bullying and gangs explored in the award-wining Renegade and A Warrior's Soul. Find out how by contacting me directly at  

My books are now available on-line at Southern Yellow Pine Publishing (and priced lower than amazon)! Check out the pages for A Warrior's Soul, Renegade, and The Pirate of Panther Bay.

SR Staley in Black Belt Magazine! I have a letter in the December 2013/January 2014 issue (p. 10) discussing the importance of teaching self-defense based on real world scenarios and threats. Referring to the semester-long self-defense program we implemented through Renegade Boxing Club in Tallahassee, I said: "The techniques we teach are grounded in tried-and-true martial arts skills but simplified to maximize effectiveness with a heavy dose of free response to 'train the brain.'"
Women & Martial Arts Roundtable, New Release! 
Some women start training in martial arts because they want to be heroes, just like the boys. Still others started their training because they enjoyed the work out, while others were prompted by self-defense. They all want the rigorous training in the dojo. Just like the boys.

These insights and others are the focus on the second round of discussions in the
Women & Martial Arts Roundtable series available on this website (a pdf version is also available). The roundtable draws on the experiences of five women-Rumiko Hayes, Tori Eldridge, Mary Stevens, Kriss Hurdle, and Laura Giancarlo-all of whom hold high ranking black belts and four of whom own their own martial arts schools. Many will be surprised at their insights after decades of training and managing their dojos, and the series itself fundamentally challenges the notion that the traditional ways of teaching martial arts is always the best one. 
Check out M.R. Street's interview with SR Staley on the Defensive Warrior Practical Self-Defense Blog. 

RENEGADE BOOK TRAILER: The official book trailer for
Renegade, 2nd Place winner in the Seven Hills Literary Contest, a national literary competition, is now on youtube. Check it out by clicking below!

Check out the interview with SR Staley at the blog Writers4Higher.

Sam was also a featured writer along with Glynn Marsh Alam, Ann Marie Bryan, Peggy Kassees, and Susan Cerulean a recent roundtable discussion on writing as part of WFSU (public radio) series Perspectives.

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Featured Video: On Teasing, Bullying and Gangs  

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Sam Staley at Books By the Banks book festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The [Pirate of Panther Bay] sometimes seems more romantic novel than adventure yarn, but S.R. Staley puts plenty of zip into the action sequences.... [H]e masterfully captures a sword fight, building tension it seems hard to believe possible short of seeing it on a huge movie screen.
- John Lehman, founder and former editor, Rosebud literary magazine, at

Renegade has won 2nd Place in the 7 Hills Literary Competition in the children's chapter books division! The competition drew from a national field. Check out the other winners here.

A Few Kick-Butt Characters by SR Staley

Isabella: The runaway slave and master swordsman who captains a pirate ship in the Caribbean Sea in 1781. (The Pirate of Panther Bay)

Luke: The 7th grader in Dewey Middle School who has to rediscover his martial arts skills to finally confront the school bully and his gang. (A Warrior's Soul)

Juan Carlos: The dashing Spanish army captain and expert interrogator who must defeat Isabella or face the gallows at El Moro. (The Pirate of Panther Bay)

Maria: The 7th grader in Carson Middle School whose scrappy street smarts is the only thing that keeps her alive. (Renegade,) 

Lucy: Luke's best friend who doesn't know her own natural talent in martial arts until...she tries it! (A Warrior's Soul)

Jean-Michel: The crusty second mate to Isabella who has to figure out a way to keep her alive and out of the clutches of mutineers and rival pirates.

In brief...

A Warrior's Soul is a fine and exciting read for younger readers, highly recommended.
- Midwest Book Review

A Warrior's Soul
was an inspiring book.

His gritty and gripping story brings to life the kind of dilemmas today's kids face on a daily basis.
-Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame, founder of To-Shin Do martial art.

A swashbuckling tale of piracy, action and romance.
- Christi McEntyre,, on The Pirate of Panther Bay

Staley has crafted a tale that will stir your emotions and your mind.
-Tim Bete| Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop, on The Pirate of Panther Bay

Thanks to SR Staley's powerful writing, I was tansported into the story-I was hiding n the dead-end alley, being pounded by he rain as I prayed hte bullies wouldn't find me.

Many of my students in middle school can relate to this and that is why this book is now sitting on my shelf for anyone to read.

The author's writing brings the story and emotions to life-fear, anger, frustration and trying to establish a powerbase is poignant to any establishment with an age range.
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