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Video and podcast interviews with SR Staley!

SR Staley discusses pirates and writing historical fiction: 
Under the Crossbones, hosted by comedian Phil Johnson

The craft of writing:
Between the Covers, hosted by author Tracy Lawson, discussing St. Nic, Inc.

School violence and bullying

Empowered Living Radio, on Blog Talk Radio, hosted by Tori Eldridge


St. Nic., Inc.  wins 2nd Place at RPLA!

 St. Nic, Inc., won second place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards sponsored by the Florida Writers Association!

St. Nic, Inc. won in the Published Mainstream/Literary Fiction category. The awards for the competition were announced at a special banquet on October 17th. 

Stay tuned for more information!

Watch the official St. Nic, Inc. book trailer here.

St. Nic, Inc. reached #4 on's kindle ebook ranking
under "suspense" and #6 under "thriller!

Tortuga Bay is earning 5-star reviews!

"If you like adventure novels where action ignites on the first page and accelerates relentlessly toward an explosive conclusion, look no further than SR Staley's latest, Tortuga Bay. Staley excels at transporting readers deep into the fictional world of Isabella, an escaped Hispaniola slave girl turned pirate captain. The story delivers rip-roaring, ship-to-ship combat amped up by social justice and gender issues." Donna Meredith, award winning author of Wet WorkThe Color of Lies, and The Glass Madonna. Check out the full review here

The sequel to
The Pirate of Panther Bay
is now available on,, and other on-line retailers.  

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Watch the official The Pirate of Panther Bay book trailer here.

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Sam Staley at Books By the Banks book festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The [Pirate of Panther Bay] sometimes seems more romantic novel than adventure yarn, but S.R. Staley puts plenty of zip into the action sequences.... [H]e masterfully captures a sword fight, building tension it seems hard to believe possible short of seeing it on a huge movie screen.
- John Lehman, founder and former editor, Rosebud literary magazine, at

Reviews of other novels by SR Staley...

A Warrior's Soul is a fine and exciting read for younger readers, highly recommended.
- Midwest Book Review

A Warrior's Soul
was an inspiring book.

His gritty and gripping story brings to life the kind of dilemmas today's kids face on a daily basis.
-Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame, founder of To-Shin Do martial art.

A swashbuckling tale of piracy, action and romance.
- Christi McEntyre,, on The Pirate of Panther Bay

Staley has crafted a tale that will stir your emotions and your mind.
-Tim Bete| Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop, on The Pirate of Panther Bay

Thanks to SR Staley's powerful writing, I was tansported into the story-I was hiding n the dead-end alley, being pounded by he rain as I prayed hte bullies wouldn't find me.

Many of my students in middle school can relate to this and that is why this book is now sitting on my shelf for anyone to read.

The author's writing brings the story and emotions to life-fear, anger, frustration and trying to establish a powerbase is poignant to any establishment with an age range.
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